General Dentistry


Maintain Your Smile

Here at Lake Hickory Dental, we understand the value of prevention. By keeping your smile safe as you age, you can help to avoid issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Prevention starts by being dedicated to your routine dental checkups, so if it has been a while since your last visit, take this opportunity to come in for a cleaning and examination with Dr. Rob!

What To Expect At Your Checkup

At your dental checkup, you will receive a thorough cleaning of the surface of your teeth. Not only does this step help you to experience a fresher smile, removing your plaque and tartar buildup give you the opportunity to keep yourself safe.

In addition to your dental cleaning, you will also have time to meet with your dentist one-on-one for a visual examination. Be sure to tell Dr. Rob about any changes that you have started to experience, as they may be a sign that you need to adjust your oral health regimen. Tooth decay and gum disease are more manageable when caught early, so take your prevention seriously!

Take Control Of Your Dentistry With A Checkup!

Your schedule of semiannual dental checkups help you to maintain your smile, giving you a cleaner set of teeth and a focus on your oral health. Renew your dedication to your dentistry with a cleaning and examination. To learn more or to schedule your next appointment, speak with a member of our team at Lake Hickory Dental by calling (828) 322-6731!